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Pitfalls of DIY Concrete Work

Some small San Diego concrete projects can be taken on by ambitious homeowners, but there are some pitfalls you should be aware of that many DIYers learn the hard way. In many cases, concrete is too heavy of a job, literally and figuratively. Even DIY enthusiasts don’t recommend adding concrete work to your DIY list.

Success is in the Prep Work

The idea of framing and pouring concrete may seem simple, but a lot of preparation goes into a successful concrete project. Improperly preparing the ground, the drainage, and the forms can result in costly mistakes, like much more concrete needed than planned and an unattractive finished product that is difficult to fix or remove.

Time is of the Essence

As with any DIY project, doing your own concrete work will likely take you much more time than a professional. The added problem with concrete is that the pour and finishing is on a time crunch. You have to get the concrete poured, troweled, and finished in a timely manner. The professionals make this look easy, but experience plays a large role in one’s ability to get it done quickly without sacrificing quality.

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