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Why You Should Hire a Concrete Contractor and Don't DIY

No DIY Warranty

If you mess up, you either have to live with it or pay to fix it. If a concrete contractor messes up, they have to fix it. This is a big deal when you’re dealing with incredibly heavy and tough concrete that takes jack hammers, giant saws, and skid-steer loaders to remove.

Pain in the Back

Bags of material, wheelbarrows of concrete, and working bent over all day—sometimes those alone are enough reason to let San Diego concrete contractors (LINK) do the work for you.


Concrete is heavy, which means it is dangerous. Concrete usually comes in 80 lb bags, and that’s when it’s dry. Add the necessary water and you’re looking at nearly 100 lbs of material. Now times that by a bunch more to cover your whole project. Lifting the bags and pushing wheelbarrows full of the heavy material can easily lead to rolled ankles and back injuries.

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